September 24, 2021

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Justin Case: Mystery Files of The Ridiculously Prepared!

Chit Ferbrauns 
July 25, 2021 

His first name is Justin. His last name in Case.

This man is prepared for anything.

Every project and task that is set before him has been accomplished due to his tendency to have all avenues covered.

“You never know what you will need and that’s why I bring everything with me.” Justin Case told me.

I asked him if there were ever a time that he couldn’t finish a project.

He responded that there was a time when he almost failed, but he called his cousin Justin Time and he was able to come through with just minutes to spare.

If he ever becomes overwhelmed, he can call his uncle Justin DeMoment and his words can calm him and bring him back to the present.

Justin Case is always prepared and cannot fails as long as he lives true to his name and is surrounded by his family.

Platty's Editor Note: How's that head injury coming along Chit?

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