April 19, 2021

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Old White Man Wants America to be Great Again!

Benjamin Dover 
August 06, 2020 

Jeffrey Smith, 88, wants to go back when America was super great.

“We didn’t serve Jews, Blacks, Irish, Japanese, Mexicans and any other non-white person. Blacks had their own bathrooms, it was a super great time in America. Whites had the best opportunity and education. I want keep it that way for my grand children.”

“I love this president as he is doing what he can to make it great by removing Heebs, Micks, Coons, Japs, Redskins, Dinks and Dagos. Get them out now!”

At this point in the interview I am wondering if I should add Racist to the article title as this old white dude is just plain old racist and wants his white privilege again.

I asked Jeffery, “What happened to Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free?”

He replied, “Wasn’t that written by a Jew?”

I stopped the interview and packed up and left. Jeffery is nothing but an old racist cracker.

I totally disagree with his statements and feel America is great and will always be great if we have our freedoms including speech. I observe my right to not listen to the haters.

Platty's Editor Note: He is so old that he gets nostalgic when he sees the Neolithic cave paintings.

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