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US Citizens Not Invited to ICE Weekend Barbecue!

Candy Storr
November 07, 2019

There is a huge barbecue this weekend and US citizens are not invited.

ICE plans a community get together with all non-citizens as an outreach program designed to educate and clean up neighborhoods.

There will be pork and beef ribs, cornbread, corn on the cob, handcuffs, chicken, sausages, cole slaw, potato salad, zip ties, baked beans, brisket, pepper spray and finally every barbecue sauce known to man.

The barbecues will be happening all over the country this weekend and there is expected to be a big turn out, so ICE has prepared mobile detention centers or personal rooms for you to enjoy your barbecue with your family.

If you are looking for a great time, some great food with some great people. Bring your family to the ICE barbecue this weekend and take in the complete ICE experience.

Platty's Editor Note: All the toilet seats mysteriously disappeared from the Police station last night. The Police have nothing to go on!

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