January 20, 2021

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Childs Life Started with A Big Bang!

Dawn Keybawls 
March 09, 2020 

This is not the story of Three Men and a Baby where three dudes bang some girl within a short period of time for a love child.

I’m sure that was on the guys minds prior to smashing her blind. A love child.

First, you go girl!

Second, this big bang would be the 3 dudes and then add 7 more and instead of a short period of time, they smash her kitty all at once.

Maybe in theory this sounds like fun but in reality?

Imagine the phone call Mary Margarette Smith had to make to each dude to get a paternity test.

She is hoping to narrow the father down but there were two pairs of identical twins in the pile of dude smashers.

Little Johnny Smith doesn’t hold any judgements against her Mom because he doesn’t know how he was conceived yet.

There will be one day in 17 years when he discovers a nasty porn site and gets to finally see how he was created.

It will inspire him to meet the dude smashers and he hopes that he could call them dad.

Platty's Editor Note: Jesus! I'm sure you smashers would have no issue with 10 women. Don't judge!

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