October 18, 2021

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Man Sleeps Like A Baby. Shits Himself 3 Times Every Night!

Chit Ferbrauns 
July 22, 2021 

We all know of Shart Guard Protection that many adult products (old people, not porn) contain to help them with their incontinence.

Now we can feel safer with Shart Guard Protection mattress covering.

When the sphincters fail, the underwear is compromised and the sheets are soaked, the mattress is safe.

Your confidence will take a hit and you’ll feel a new level of being ashamed, but such is life.

You will feel the comfort that your investment will be protected.

We can always wash our sheets and clothes but not our mattress.

Mike Miller knows that better than anyone.

He sleeps like a baby every night and shits himself at least 3 times a night.

His wife feels at ease knowing that when he shits, the Shart Guard Protection mattress covering has their back.

A fresh scent is released when the stinky-stinky bomb is dropped to allow a restful sleep.

Order one today!

Platty's Editor Note: Love is like a fart. If you have to force it, it’s probably crap.


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