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Asshole Walmart Greeter Watches Woman Pay but Scans Receipt Anyways!

Dawn Keybawls 
January 12, 2020 

Betsy Smith looked at the Walmart greeter when she entered the self-checkout area.

That nosey bitch watched Betsy take all her items out of her cart to be scanned.

Betsy scanned each item and all the while that nosey bitch kept watch while she finally finished up and paid for her items.

She put her items in her bags stacked them back into her cart all while that nosey bitch kept watch.

Betsy pushed her cart toward the exit when the nosey Walmart greeter asked to see her receipt.

Betsy’s voice started to rise when she mentioned that the greeter watched her the whole time.

She saw her scan the items and pay for everything but still suspects Betsy is a thief.

Betsy got pissed and just walked out of Walmart when the nosey bitch called security.

Security caught Betsy as she was loading her items to her car.

They asked for her receipt which she told them to piss off.

Betsy will no longer be a customer at the local Walmart.

Platty’s Editor Note: How can you afford a middle-class lifestyle on $10/hour? Shop at Walmart!

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