May 29, 2020

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Rectal Thermometer Leaves Shitty Taste in Man’s Mouth!

Chit Ferbrauns
May 24, 2020

Henry Criss wasn’t feeling too good and asked his wife to get the thermometer to take his temperature.

He was feeling warm and preparing for the possibility that he might be sick.

He tries to keep healthy and stay ahead of getting ill.

Henry forgot about the fight he and his wife had last night.

Their very young children have been sick for a few days.

The thermometer met his lips and they immediately began to pucker.

Something is not right he thought.

Instead of washing it off he went full in and realized this might have been in his child’s ass.

His wife gave him a thermometer that they use to take their young children’s temperature.

Payback is a bitch whether you are right or wrong in an argument.

It always leaves a shitty taste in your mouth.

Platty's Editor Note: My thermometer is really inconsistent. It has a varying degree of success.

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