February 28, 2021

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Woman is Addicted to Secondhand Smoke!

Dawn Keybawls 
May 01, 2020 

Maggie McCarthy use to be a smoker.

She gave it up to become a second-hand smoker.

The cost of cigarettes has skyrocketed so she wants to save some money by sucking the smoke of the lungs of unsuspecting smokers.

She would stalk the smokers in their break area and swoop in when a smoker was about to exhale.

It was even better when there was more than one smoker as she would work the entire area sucking in as much second-hand smoke as possible.

She was often heard telling smokers to go ahead and blow it all in her mouth.

There were many times where she was offered a cigarette, but she declined as she has given up first-hand smoking.

We all know someone who has been taken from us due to the mighty power of second-hand smoke.

The best thing we can do for them and Maggie is to blow smoke right down her chimney.

Platty's Editor Note: Virginia Slims cigarette paper now ribbed for her pleasure.

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