October 18, 2021

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Woman Excited to Put Hot Wood into Her Fireplace!

Dawn Keybawls 
July 24, 2021 

Mary Smith has always lived in the city.

She spent her whole life bottled up in a massive downtown skyscraper surrounded by her building security.

Her choice of wood has always been questioned.

Her friends and family being the first in line attempt to get her to understand that she needs quality wood in her fireplace.

Hot Wood is stinky and generally shit covered wood that won’t last for more than 10 minutes.

Mary has been stuffing her fireplace with nasty stinky dirty Hot Wood for years.

Her friends want her to experience good, solid, hearty wood. They know she can do better.

Please be true to your friends this holiday season and do not stuff Hot Wood into your fireplace.

Get some good quality wood and respect yourself.

Platty's Editor Note: I don’t know, the ancient question. Quantity or Quality?


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