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Another Publishers Clearing House Winner Found Dead!

Publish Date: June 18, 2019
Author: Charles U. Farley

What do Clyde Smith, 32, Jennifer Cruise, 45, Chris Henry, 56 and Suzie Ventura, 41, have in common?

They all won the Publishers Clearing House $25,000.00 per month contest.

What else do these people have in common?

They are all dead from beheadings!

I wanted to dig deeper to learn the fate of these fine people.

I first started with a nice warm piece of coffee cake and some lactose free milk. It was a nice warm day when my inner troll came out to shine on social media. Once I felt better about myself, I stumbled onto a website that had the details of one of the murders. Clyde was found in his car with his body in the driver’s seat and his head in the back seat. His body was safe due to using his seat belt, but his head was not so lucky. I unfolded the same story for the other three victims. The same modus operandi.

I put a call out to PCH yesterday, and left a message with my name, address and phone number and asked about each victim. I didn't hear back from them but this morning I noticed some strange activity in my neighborhood. Strange vehicles, people going through my trash and someone claiming to be a doctor going door to door giving home prostate exams.

After these small delays and being diagnosed with a healthy prostate, I did extensive research on PCH.com and read their Terms of Use. There it was right in front of my eyes. Term 38. Beheadings and Order.

There is a knock at my door. I wonder who it could be. I don't need another exam.

Platty's Editor Note: This is Charles U. Farley's first and only article with PlattyPress.com. It is our belief that PCH had him killed as his fate too was by beheading and found in his car. His autopsy also confirmed a healthy prostate. He delivered the story to us before his untimely death. R.I.P. Big Chuck!

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