January 16, 2022

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About the Author!

Benjamin Dover

Born: 11/22/1958
Died: Still Alive
About Benjamin Dover:

His homemade buttermilk contains no butter.

He is the only man that can lick his own elbow.

He has an inny when it gets cold outside.

He will always get the soap off the floor in a prison shower.

Jeans are his favorite pants.

He loves running naked, backward, in a corn field.


Other Works by the Author!

DEATH RACE 5: There Is No Stopping Taylor 01/12/22
OLD MAN'S CHILD: In Defiance of Existence 12/23/21
MEGADETH: Rust In Peace 12/10/21
THE KOVENANT: Animatronic 12/08/21
CHILDREN OF BODOM: Hatebreeder 11/27/21
FALCONER: From a Dying Ember 11/21/21
OPETH: Deliverance 11/04/21
SONATA ARCTICA: Winterheart’s Guild 10/24/21
ANTHRAX: Persistence of Time 10/13/21


About Platty

He doesn't care about the satire news bullshit anymore and wants to only bring music reviews to the people.

He isn't the founder anymore of a old consortium called the NeoDemoRepublicLiberTeaConserveAsshole Party.

He brings the music reviews that you don't want at any cost.