October 18, 2021

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About the Author!

Oopsai Scharted

Born: 01/01/1900
Died: Still Alive
About Oopsai Scharted:

She said she only farted but do not believe her. She totally shit herself.

She is as old as shit.

She makes the best banana bread.

Do not drink her hot chocolate.

She loves her dead husband.


Other Works by the Author!

PRIMUS: Tales From The Punchbowl 10/12/21
FEAR FACTORY: Demanufacture 10/03/21
BORKNAGAR: Quintessence 09/24/21
SLAYER: World Painted Blood 09/18/21
BAL-SAGOTH: Starfire Burning Upon the Ice-Veiled Throne of Ultima Thule 09/11/21
New Compatible PS5 / XBOX Controller Leaked! 09/07/21
Gamers Are NOT Athletes! 09/04/21
TLC Now Creating Simpson Characters! 09/02/21
January 6th Insurrection Was Just Spartan Race Capitol Edition! 08/11/21
Man’s Crevice Grows Bigger Thanks to Ocrevus! 08/07/21
Old Man Praying for Death Given Vaccine! 08/05/21
Doctors Confirm Covid-19 Not Transferable Ass to Mouth! 08/01/21
Redbox Adds Dick Suckers to Boost DVD Rentals! 07/29/21
Louie-Bloo Because He Needed the Money! 07/23/21
Moxie, The Official Beverage Of 2020! 07/22/21
Man Looking to Get Laid at Hooker Furniture! 07/19/21
Man Quarantines Himself with A Case of Coronavirus! 07/16/21
Instagram Yoga Instructors Show You Their Flexible Hoo-Ha’s! 07/10/21
Woman Only Enjoys Hugs from Behind! 07/03/21
White Man Finally Installs Button Under Desk That Locks His Office Door! 06/27/21
Cold Weather to Blame for Y Chromosome Shrinkage! 06/20/21
Asshole Went To Kay Instead of Jared! 06/16/21
Teenager Dreams of Becoming Xylophonist in Metal Band! 05/30/21
Husband Eats His Wife's Cherry Frequently After Gout Diagnosis! 05/26/21
Wintersun Quietly Releases Time II! 04/29/21
Student Gets His Ass Kicked on Buddy Bench! 04/21/21
HS Students Cool with Distancing; Can Hit Spitball Target 12 Yards Away! 04/06/21
New England is Tired of 12 Inches and Prefers 6! 02/10/21
LinkedIn Begins Positivity Campaign! 02/04/21
Informational Graphic Has Too Many Fucking Arrows! 01/25/21
Senior Class of 2021 Votes Vagisil Favorite Lip Balm! 01/14/21
Tween’s Nightmare Triggered While Using Dad’s Computer! 12/25/20
White American Cheese Is Better Than Orange! 11/30/20
Mute Woman Gifted an Alexa! 11/29/20
Sewage Treatment Plant Preparing for The Days Following Thanksgiving! 11/17/20
Scumbag Lawyer Still Advertises on The Phone Book! 11/07/20
Bill Belichick Cannot Contain Himself After Latest Bye! 10/12/20
Trump Counting on SCROTUM to Win Election! 09/27/20
Wall of Moms Use to Being Sprayed with Liquids! 07/27/20
Pepsi Deploys Kendall Jenner to Ease Protest Tensions! 06/13/20
Man Cursed with Copious Non-Smelling Farts! 06/05/20
Man’s Best Is Shown When Shot Gunning A Beer! 06/03/20
Woman Sickened by Fly in Her Drink. Her Parasitic Worms Reciprocate Feeling! 05/13/20
Woman Robbed by Asian Man Wearing Mask! 04/27/20
Piss Jugs Remembered at Roadside Memorial! 04/16/20
Hot Chick Now Has to Pay for Alcohol Due to Bars Closing! 03/22/20
Cruise Ship Photographed Tossing Coronavirus People Overboard! 03/11/20
Super Bowl 54 Prediction: White Man Slaughters Native Americans Again! 02/02/20
Mr. Peanut Confirmed Cannibal. Thousands of Peanut Shells Found in Basement! 01/26/20
Elizabeth Warren Yells ‘I’ll Cut a Bitch!’ Directly at Bernie Sanders! 01/19/20
Woman Suffers From CDO. The Alphabetical Order OCD! 01/02/20


About Platty

He doesn't care about the satire news bullshit anymore and wants to only bring music reviews to the people.

He isn't the founder anymore of a old consortium called the NeoDemoRepublicLiberTeaConserveAsshole Party.

He brings the music reviews that you don't want at any cost.