November 26, 2021

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About the Author!

Chit Ferbrauns

Born: 04/22/1965
Died: Still Alive
About Chit Ferbrauns:

He tends to fart when hugged.

He thinks eye contact is very important when talking with someone.

He wonders why they call it a Soap Opera when there is no soap or singing.

He can't decide if stairs go up or down.

He believes a gold fork will still be called silverware.


Other Works by the Author!

KALMAH: Seventh Swamphony 11/23/21
BAL-SAGOTH: The Chthonic Chronicles 11/06/21
MACHINE HEAD: The Burning Red 10/26/21
NINE INCH NAILS: Broken 10/16/21
ROB ZOMBIE: Hellbilly Deluxe 10/06/21
GRIP INC.: Power Of Inner Strength 09/28/21
VINTERSORG: Cosmic Genesis 09/20/21


About Platty

He doesn't care about the satire news bullshit anymore and wants to only bring music reviews to the people.

He isn't the founder anymore of a old consortium called the NeoDemoRepublicLiberTeaConserveAsshole Party.

He brings the music reviews that you don't want at any cost.