April 01, 2020

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Candy Storr

Born: 02/26/1982
Died: 07/25/2019
About Candy Storr:

She got to the center of a Tootsie Pop in 367 licks.

She Loves Andy Warhol.

She claims she invented OMG!

She does not own a toothbrush.

She believes the chicken came before the egg.

Other Titles by Candy Storr Released
Celtic's Fan Still Thinks Lebron Is A Bitch! 10/16/19
Demon Pussy Wants to Swallow Your Soul! 10/19/19
Grandma Believes Grandson is a Giant! 07/22/19
Man, Confident This Is the Year He Will Finally Lose His Virginity! 12/16/19
Sports Analysts Agree: Don't Come on Lebron Too Soon! 10/24/19
US Citizens Not Invited to ICE Weekend Barbecue! 11/07/19

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