October 18, 2021

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About the Author!

Anna Phalaxis

Born: 06/23/1968
Died: Still Alive
About Anna Phalaxis:

She is allergic to nuts, milk, fish, shellfish, eggs and some fruits.

She is allergic to bees and wasps.

She is allergic to latex.

She is allergic to general anesthesia.

She is allergic to life.


Other Works by the Author!

MINISTRY: With Sympathy 10/15/21
CRADLE OF FILTH: Existence is Futile 10/05/21
IRON MAIDEN: Somewhere in Time 09/27/21
THE KOVENANT: Nexus Polaris 09/19/21
LE GRAND GUIGNOL: The Great Maddening 09/12/21
Golfer Had Best Round of Life Until He Lost It On 17! 09/08/21
Gay Dudes Propose with Matching Cock Rings! 09/03/21
Man is Fingers Deep into His Girlfriend’s Poutine! 09/02/21
Earth Has Violent Diarrhea! 08/29/21
Freezer Has History with Dead Bodies! 08/27/21
Prostitutes Offer $5 Dollar Box! 08/24/21
Police Consider Killing More Innocent White People! 08/22/21
Perineum Sunning Cures Covid-19! 08/19/21
Chipotle Rebrands as Shitpotle! 08/16/21
811? Local Man Is No Pussy and Digs Anyways! 08/10/21
Neighborhood Glory Hole Now Open! 08/08/21
Man, Premature Ejaculates into Wipes That Claim to Stop Premature Ejaculation! 08/05/21
Pervert Takes Picture Because It Will Last Longer! 08/01/21
Friskies Asses Contains Natural Mouse, Bird and Rat Ass Ingredients! 07/27/21
Grandma Has A WAP! 07/21/21
Crying Grandpa Yells ‘Get Your Fucking Hands Off’ To Consoling Family Members! 07/18/21
No Country for Old Men Temperature Check! 07/16/21
Therapist Growing Tired of Being Called ‘The Rapist!’ 07/13/21
Peeps Releases Diabetes Fun Pack! 07/10/21
Man, Unaware Third Woman Knocking at His Door Was A Kidnap Victim! 07/02/21
Man Holds Sign 'We Love You Stevie' at a Stevie Wonders Concert! 06/25/21
Hero Reminds Survivor That They’ll Still Die Someday! 06/17/21
Woman Allows Man to Come Inside! 06/12/21
Man Jokes about Being Unattractive and Others Automatically Agree! 06/07/21
New Dating App: Just Looking! 05/31/21
Woman Hosts Webcam for Her Stalkers! 05/21/21
Woman’s Burger Has Never Been Stuffed! 05/17/21
Kids Drive Uncredited Bus Driver to Drink! 02/05/21
Woman Has to Shit Every Time She Gets Mad! 01/21/21
Man Plays Skin Flute During Brain Surgery! 01/15/21
Porn Movie Comes with Alternate Ending! 11/15/20
Man Equates Life to Driving A Car With 3 Blown Tires! 10/29/20
Trump Pharm Co. Releases Righteous Covid (RC) Cola! 10/14/20
Presidential Mass Debater Event Cuming Tuesday! 09/28/20
Man Feels Comfortable in Someone Else’s Skin! 09/14/20
Guy Fieri’s Sperm Rocks Bleach Blonde Tails! 07/22/20
Stroke Sufferer Encouraged to Keep A Stiff Upper Lip! 07/19/20
First Covid Zombie Seen Busting Through Grave! 06/28/20
Trump Ships TP, Paper Towel and Tissue Dispensers to Stores! 05/03/20
City Distributes Covid-19 Blankets to The Homeless! 04/19/20
Dude Smashes Prostitutes Unprotected Worried About Covid-19! 04/05/20
White Man Tired of Being Pulled Over by Police! 03/28/20
Nails, Eyebrows and Bushes Are Getting Out of Control! 03/23/20
Parents Name Children After Natural Disasters! 03/17/20
Meatloaf Would Do Anything for A Klondike Bar, But He Won’t Do That! 03/08/20
Husband is Lucky to Get A Foot and A Half! 03/06/20
Man Loves His Fat Juicy Meat! 01/14/20
Homeless Man Takes Bath in Flooding Waters! 11/17/19
Earth’s Climate Devastation is Boosting Job Growth! 11/09/19
Scrabble Teacher Reminds Player They Are A Dumbass! 08/17/19
Cummings Explodes During Trump's Tongue Lashing! 07/28/19


About Platty

He doesn't care about the satire news bullshit anymore and wants to only bring music reviews to the people.

He isn't the founder anymore of a old consortium called the NeoDemoRepublicLiberTeaConserveAsshole Party.

He brings the music reviews that you don't want at any cost.